Xpress Home Improvement Loans

Why XpressHomeImprovementLoans.com ?

Our Business Model

XpressHomeImprovementLoans.com business model is different than most financial institutions. We focus primarily on loans for home improvement unsecured for home owner consumers. We underwrite or we outsource to banks that bid on your loan request, in turn that allows you to get approved at the lowest interest rate with a broader credit scores approved. We finance what we know, home improvement of all type. We can offer customers the benefit of our industrial experience and our domain expertise across the industries. Get the purchasing power you need so you can buy what you want today. Put it all on a new account from XpressHomeImprovementLoans.com and get convenient low minimum monthly payments. . *Low Monthly Payments 


  • Quick and simple application process
  • Instant credit decisions


  • Low monthly payments*
  • Special financing opportunities*
  • Conserve money on an unexpected purchase


  • Worry free online application process
  • Dependable and safe access 24/7 approval process

The Power of XpressHomeImprovementLoans.com 

Rely on the financial stability of a trusted company. XpressHomeImprovementLoans.com , —can help you finance your dreams and make them reality! 
The Offer: 3, 6, or 12 Month Same-As-Cash No Interest AND 3 or 6 Month Deferred Payment Interest Accruing

  1. No money down
  2. No payments (there’s a 3 or 6 month payment deferral) interest accruing
  3. No interest (if paid in full during the SAC period) no interest loan with payments

Provides More Value

  1. Get your home improvement done Today—No hassles finding cash for a down payment
  2. 2. No additional expense—Use the bank’s money interest-free (if paid in full
    during the SAC period) & no closing costs or prepayment penalties
  3. It’s quick and easy—a paperless, telephone application with a credit
    decision in about 10 minutes
  4. A more secure choice—provide your personal information directly to the
    bank & we make sure you are satisfied with the job before we pay the dealer.

“One of the benefits of working with our company for your home improvement air conditioning project is 180-Day or 365 Day Same-As-Cash as a payment option.  Many customers like the no interest and no payment features.”