Your home defines your personality, your status, your lifestyle and tells a lot about your family. So it must be taken care of how it looks? How well managed it is? And how comfortable it is? Reading all this, you must be wondering about making your home a comfortable place to live. But the next big question is how to arrange all the finance required for this? is a fantastic option you can apply for an unsecured home improvement loan for changing your existing home into a dream house, without putting your property at stake.

An unsecured home improvement loan gives you the option to get the money without risking your property at a stake. offers you to borrow amounts ranging from $1000 and can go up to $50,000 depending upon factors such as repayment ability, credit history and current credit score. The repayment term for an unsecured home improvement loan may vary from a period of 12 months to 15 years.

Unsecured home improvement loans from are offered at a comparative interest and are better than traditional banks which provide secured home improvement loans. In today’s economical environment traditional banks are not lending, they put you through red tape, and the value in your home may not support the credit request.

Unsecured can be used for any of the following purpose:

  1. Finance home repairs
  2. Remodeling of the home
  3. Addition of rooms
  4. New swimming pool, kitchen or bathroom
  5. Plumbing purpose
  6. Landscaping your garden
  7. All type of home improvement loans unsecured

With all these characteristics an unsecured home improvement loan from will cater to your wish of living in your dream house. Activate A Loan Today!! Start your home improvement project tomorrow. not only makes applying for and receiving a loan for air conditioning home improvement quick and easy, also offers home owners a wide variety of loan options. provides home owners with the following loan features, some of which are based on approved credit.

Features of our loans include:

  • Loan amounts from $1000 to $50,000
  • Loan terms up to 180 months (O.A.C.)
  • Installment Lines with payments low monthly payments
  • Fixed Interest rates from 9.99%- 17.99% (O.A.C.)
  • No prepayment penalty
  • Fast, confidential application process at no charge
  • Deferred No interest programs 6 and 12 months
  • Highest approval rates nationwide
  • Loan programs for multiple levels of credit
  • Payment History
  • Amount You Owe
  • Credit History
  • Patterns of Credit Use
  • Types of Credit

All of these categories are considered when determining your credit score. No one piece of information or factor will determine your score, but some categories count more (or are weighted more) than others.

Credit Factors
The importance of any one factor depends on the overall information on your credit report.

Your specific credit history also determines the importance of each credit factor. As your credit history changes so does the importance of those factors. Since the details of your financial situation are unique and the calculation used to determine your credit score is based on a confidential formula, is unable to predict which factors will bear the most weight in your situation.

Your score only reflects information in your credit report. 
Your FICO score is only an evaluation of your credit history based on the 5 categories of credit information. Lenders also look at other factors like income and the type of credit you are applying for when examining your application for loan approval.

Neither your credit score, nor a potential lender, can consider your ethnicity, religion, gender, marital status or nationality as factors in determining a loan application. Any such practice is prohibited by US law.

Your credit score reflects both positive and negative information in your credit report. Having a record of timely payments will raised your credit score. Any reported late payments will lower your score. Your final credit score is a reflection of all of these factors.

Indoor Air Quality – Make Yours A Healthy Home

Why is indoor air quality important?
The Environmental Protection Agency lists Indoor Air Quality among the top 5 risks to human health, probably because indoor air can be 2-5 times more polluted than outdoor air.

While homeowners can’t see the majority of indoor air contaminants, every cubic foot of air breathed carries a mixture of millions of microscopic particles such as pollen, mold spores and dust mite debris. In small concentrations, these particles and gasses may cause discomfort in the home. In significant concentrations, they can cause sickness as these are among the most troublesome triggers of such ailments as asthma and allergies.

Make Yours A Healthy Home
Indoor Air Quality add-ons for your air conditioning and heating system can make your home a dramatically healthier place for you and your family by filtering the air, controlling humidity, and cycling fresh outdoor air into the home. These add-ons can help reduce allergies, prevent asthma, and even boost productivity.

Indoor Air Quality Can Be Maintained By Your HVAC In Four Ways:

Filter or neutralize particulates found in indoor air. Air cleaners installed just ahead of the heating and cooling equipment remove a portion of airborne pollutants each time air is pulled into the return air ducts.

Replace a portion of the indoor air with fresh outdoor air. This process occurs naturally in all homes, but at different rates depending on the structure’s tightness. Opening windows is one way to increase the pace of air exchange, although it’s an energy-wasting solution. Energy-efficient ERV and HRV ventilation systems exchange indoor air for outdoor air while recovering most of the energy used to heat or cool the air being exhausted. Controlling fresh air entering the home allows it to be conditioned by an efficient air cleaner, dehumidifier and UV Treatment system prior to passing through the home’s furnace or air conditioner.

Moisture Control
Proper humidification levels are equally important in both hot and cold environments. This is needed to control relative humidity levels in the home, minimizing unhealthy airborne pollutants. Too little humidity leaves the body vulnerable to infections, and can cause damage to the home’s wood furnishings. Inversely, too much humidity creates ideal breeding grounds for mold, mildew, and dust mites.

Source Control
Eliminate air pollutants before they enter the home. For example, by not allowing people to smoke or have pets in the home, homeowners practice source control. Such examples are not always practical. Installing Ultra-Violet Treatment Systems help stop the problem before they start. By sterilizing pathogens with UV Treatment Systems, homeowners deter such harmful contaminants as mold, mildew, bacteria and viruses from forming.

High efficiency HVAC is “a win” for many stakeholders including you, the homeowner. As you reduce your monthly energy consumption, dramatically fewer Green House Gases are released into the atmosphere and our country as a whole reduces our dependence on foreign energy.

That’s why various parties want to help make your purchase of high-efficiency air conditioner and heater even easier, and by that we mean cheaper! Many utility companies, for example, offer hundreds of dollars in rebates and/or extremely attractive financing offers and loans to homeowners who purchase high-efficiency HVAC systems.